Artist Poem

 I used to be an artist

 My hands used to work 

My lines used to be straight

Because my fingers didn't jerk  

My shading was consistent

 My details weren't shaky 

I would draw and draw and draw 

 Until my hands got achy

My friends would show me off 

 To everyone they knew

Because they could see the passion 

 In everything I drew  


 I used to be an artist 

I drew every single day

“He's going to be incredible “

 Is what they used to say

 my books were filled with life 

A sketch on every page 

I drew when I was happy, sad 

 Or full of Rage  

My art would always calm me 

 And bring me back down to Earth

My art was not only my identity

 But also my worth  

But then one fateful day 

 When I was least to expect it 

 My mind and my body 

Became disconnected 

I couldn't move my legs 

 My arms or my hands 

So much for all that hard work 

 So much for all my plans  

My body may have been broken

 But my heart remained strong 

I wanted to bring my body back

 No matter how hard no matter how long

 But I rarely tried my art 

Because I was frustrated 

The standards were too high

 From the old art I had created


I used to be an artist 

 Is what I would reply 

 Whenever somebody asked

 Why don't you just try?

 My family tried their best 

 And brought me Art Supply

But whenever I looked at my hands 

 I only wanted to cry 

 My favorite thing was lost

 And may be gone forever 

 My only option left 

 Is to make it my endeavor  

If I can get that back 

Even just a tiny bit

 I will never stop drawing 

 I will never quit

 So I grabbed a piece of paper 

 And I picked up a pen 

 And I promised to myself 

That I will never stop again

 I removed the shackles of fear 

Insecurity and doubt 

 And I put confidence in myself 

 That I could figure this out  

 Weeks went by 

 Then months then years 

Practicing and practicing 

Through spasms through tears


I used to be an artist

My fingers are getting steady 

I can be an artist again 

 I think I am ready

 My lines are getting smoother 

 My shapes are taking shape 

I'm starting to love art again 

It's becoming my Escape

I'm starting to get better

 I'm starting to improve 

My hands are exceptional 

 Even though they cannot move 


 I used to be an artist

Is what I used to say

 But not anymore 

 Because look at me today 

 My art is getting better 

 Better than before 

I can't wait to see 

What my future has in store

Take me as an example

And listen to this lesson 

If you want to be good at something 

The key is obsession


-Muj Saloojee